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iPad screen protector shootout – which one is best for pilots?

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The best iPad Screen Protector - PaperLike Review

Posted 4 days ago — By Simon Hill. Computing Don't know what to do with all your old DVDs? Here's how to convert them to MP4 Given today's rapid technological advancements, physical discs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Posted 4 days ago — By Emily Schiola. The anti glare also looks great on my iPad mini, in both states off and on. Below I want to talk about why I like this product, what I dont like about it, who is this screen protector is for and whether or not its worth your hard earned money. Why do I like this product?

I want to start off by saying this is the easiest screen protector I have installed. Like I have said earlier I use to buy the screen protector that you directly applied to the device and if you messed up you were outta luck. You simply wash your hands wash your hands to keep dirt off your new screen protector!!

Didnt get it lined up perfectly? No problem simply move the screen protector around until you get it lined up the best you can. If it ends up sticking before you get it perfect just take it off respray it and try it again. Second reason why I like the screen protector is how it looks and the protection it offers. Before this screen protector my good looking device attracted finger prints so easily it made me cry I didnt really cry BTW but now with the screen protector on its solved my problem.

When I have my iPad turned on the screen protector keeps the glare down which is nice because I can go outside or be under a light without having to worry about my screen burning my eyes out due to the reflection. The screen protector also protects my iPad from hard and light scratches because this screen protector is a little more thicker not noticeably thick it offers a little more protection without adding a ton of weight. The third thing I really like about this product is the cheap price. Just because the price is cheap dont mean its made cheaply.

Dont listen to other reviewers who dont know how to read simple directions. This review is coming from someone who has installed tons and tons of screen protectors on iPads, iPhones, laptops, PDA's and more.

Honestly people the price is right on this one. If you are new to this I understand because my first screen protector I installed looked very bad. I have much improved over time but even if you are bad at installing screen protectors this is the easiest I have installed. So at the end of this review I will supply a link on how to install this great product. Things I dont like I can honestly say I dont like the wait time.

Say what!? Yeah you read this right 12 up to 24 hours before you can use your device.

iPad screen protector shootout - which one is best for pilots? - iPad Pilot News

Dont get me wrong its worth the wait but it would be better if I did not have to wait a long time to use my awesome iPad. Another thing I dont like I really hate it is that you have to use the solution to install the screen protector. I dont know about you guys but I dont like liquids by, let alone on my electronics.

Who is this screen protector for? This screen protector is for the people who dont like smudges on the screen and who want to keep there device in pristine condition. If you are someone who takes good care of your product, someone who dont drop there device all the time, and someone who dont need maximum protection this is for you because it offers great protection without adding to much bulk but it does not offer the best protection. If you need maximum protection try looking for a tempered glass screen protector.

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They feel like the glass on your device and offers outstanding protection. The tempered glass will break before the screen. Otterbox is also a beautiful alternative.

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Hell yes. Id say at least give it a try. Different people like different things. I as a customer really like this product, I think you are getting much more for what you are paying for. Yes you do have to wait for a while to use your device but its more then worth it if you ask me. This is the second screen protector I have ordered from ArmorSuit and again they have made me a very happy customer. As long as they keep up this great work I will keep coming back. If you are looking for something thats easy to apply to your device that will protect your device from light and heavy scratches this is it!

If you are wanting a clear screen protector this company makes it! The one I have is a anti glare screen protector. So I am not sure if the clear screen protectors made by this company are smudge proof. I want to thank everybody who has read my review. If you liked it please hit the helpful button. If there is anything I can improve on please let me know. I enjoy typing these reviews, helping people make the right decision on the right product and helping out great companies who deserve it. If anyone has a question even if you think its stupid please feel free to ask.

I will help you out the best I can!! Here is the link to the video, this video is for tablets in general so follow directions closely [ Was super easy to install, and because of their unique installion method, propper alignment is pretty much guaranteed as long as you follow the EASY instructions. ZERO bubbles of course for the same reason. It recommends a day to dry fully and be safe to use without risking making it slide out of place, but it was dry after about 6 hours for me, very warm and dry here right now.

The anti glare is VERY effective, I watch movies on my workbench and it's right under some bright lighting, so glare used to be an issue; but not anymore with this screen protector! VERY happy. And it's thin enough to use safely with my lifeproof case many aren't. Do yourself a favor and don't settle for the cheapo ones.

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This is worth the extra few bucks. I've used one in my watch too and they're work great. In the future we will be using this brand from now on whenever possible. I saw that 1 star review and laughed, it looks like the illiterate rantings of a bitter competitor, or maybe they didn't follow the super easy instructions to install it correctly.

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Either way don't take that review seriously. The latest iPad Pro models incorporate an anti-reflective coating that is an improvement over the earlier models, but it still can be difficult to view in sunlight or when covered with fingerprint smudges. After all, the iPad is a giant sheet of glass. Is there anything pilots can do?

For years, different companies have offered anti-glare screen protectors to help with this problem. A good screen protector should pass four tests with us:. We decided to test the two top competitors in the anti-glare screen protector market: What you see below is a comparison of the iPad with no screen protector compared to the two contenders. In the end, we found the ArmorGlas to be our top pick. Thanks for testing the screen protectors. Finally, an easy to understand, clear no pun intended conclusion.

I had been waiting for information like this before buying one. I installed the ArmorGlas on my iPad and it looked good. I set it down on the counter and it landed corner first and the ArmorGlas cracked across the entire face. Be careful with it. Glare has been my one and ONLY issue with my mini 4. Is that crazy or what?