Samsung galaxy s2 tips and tricks

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The feature that I needed was putting that comma key on the front page. You can also install your own skins with hundreds available and choose any of more than 50 language layouts. This is probably the one change that made the most different to the whole user experience of the SGS2. I have a fondness for internet memes, so I went with the always-popular Nyan Cat , a rainbow exuding pastry-based feline.

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There are quite a few options available, although thankfully the music that usually accompanies the meme is not included. You can get a hold of me via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus at the links below.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips and Tricks | Recombu

Of course, you can always leave a comment here on the blog too! Dealing with the screenshots on an android phone can be quite annoying; however with Samsung GalaxyS2 is much easier. Use it once and you will be able to note the difference. I want to know how did you change the text message background to have those kitties and mouses! Btw, I found your guide very interesting! The video is about the keyboard software not the test mode , and was linked because it will look the same on any phone.

The guy who made the video used an HTC phone, but the software works equally well on the S2. Toggle navigation.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips and Tricks

Share this post: Slide your finger across to the left to immediately call a contact. You can also slide to the right to open a text message window. The Galaxy S2, naturally, has the new feature, just press the home button in the middle at the same time as the power button on the right edge. Holding the button: Holding the home-button for a few seconds will push you into the task-manage r , with shortcuts to the recently used apps. Hold the power button for a moment, and alongside the option to shutdown the phone, 3G data, or silent mode you can switch immediately to airplane mode.

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  7. You may notice the Galaxy S2 only has two Android buttons alongside its home button. Fear not; generally speaking you can get the search button functionality by holding the menu button on the left.

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    Fed up of your phone shutting down during long videos? Press the power button and you can lock the screen on. Wider widgets. One of the best features of Android phones is ability to add larger widgets to your homescreen, displaying more information than an icon, like weather forecasts, your calendar and music playlist.

    We suspect you may have gone a little widget happy, like we have, but we were relieved to find that several widgets can have their size adjusted ; perfect for fitting into those important first few screens. Hold onto the widget then release without moving it, and you should see a yellow frame work appear, and you can stretch and adjust the widget to fit.

    Samsung Gear S2 tips and tricks: Get more from your smartwatch

    Tap on one to be taken immediately to it. Pinch-to-zoom will also work on your monthly calendar , drawing out into an annual view. One final way to zoom between those seven home screens; use those smalll grey dots at the bottom of the home screen. Whilst you can tap to go immediately to a specific page you can also swipe across the screens in record time.

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    The Galaxy S2 has several motion settings that may have been ignored when you first got the phone. They appear when you first open apps and features that can use motion gestures. Go into the settings menu to turn some of the one; several are well worth making the effort for. Choose those four sticky apps. You may not be satisfied with the four app shortcuts that stay at the bottom of the phone screen, but these can be changed.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks

    Tap on the applications icon and choose list to get them organised into a very easy-to-navigate alphabetical list.