Iphone music missing after sync

Here, we will recommend you the best iPhone music recovery tool: PhoneRescue for iOS. With the help of it , you can easily get your disappearing music back. Following are some extraordinary features:. Free Download.

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Is Music Missing from iPhone? Here is the Quick Fix for it!

More Related Articles 1. My iPod is a Shuffle, 4th generation. Thank you! How did you try to add the songs to the iPod? If you added the songs to the library and then tried to sync the iPod, it would first erase all songs on your iPod and then copy the songs. Instead you should have an option to ' Manually manage music ' when you plug in your iPod. After you do that, create a playlist with all the songs you want. Then under the iPod, there should be an option to ' Autofill from: Click on it and choose the newly created playlist. This should help you copy new songs to your iPod without losing the preexisting ones.

I am not losing songs from my iPod. I am not really losing songs. My library "thinks" I am losing songs. It does this only after I have "synched" my iPod. The songs are right where they should be, in the iTunes Media folder. They have not been moved in any way, which is the answer Apple gives users for this problem. I am forced to go into the Media folder and "re-install" the songs that are already there.

The numbers vary from four to twenty-odd.

If iCloud Music Library won't respond or times out

It is time-consuming and annoying, as you can imagine. Many of us backup iPhone music to iTunes library or another third party tool. But in fact, when we lost these data, we feel very annoyed with it ,and do not know how to recover data from iphone backup files.

Now,You can try a simple and effective product Coolmuster iOS Extractor, which helps you to extract data from backup files. I haven't come across the "missing songs" situation when syncing iPod with iTunes, but iTunes sometimes can't detect and connect my iPod. The software can load songs from iTunes Library. After connecting iPod to the computer and run the software, it can help you directly move iTunes songs to iPod or perform the transfer backwards.

Quite useful. I backed it up and it created an iTunes folder before I created a new playlist and used autofill. This was the only place I had some of this music. The only other place is on a laptop that is fried. What can I do? I had over 2, songs?!? Apple makes it so hard to copy music that it is so easy for this to happen, and this is the first time I've used iTunes in 2 years. By doing this, I can not only save those MP3 files on my PC forever, but also transfer and play them on any devices I want. As we know, iTunes is the official software of Apple, we use it to manage our data on iOS devices.

But sometimes, itunes will appear many different problem such as iTunes can'y sync songs completely. In this case, we need to check again which one is missing. So, here we can try to find some iTunes alternative to solve this problem, like iOS Manage , it provoides user an user-friendly operation interface, and it will not miss any songs after sync.

You are able to regain not only music but also almost all data like videos, photos, contacts, messages, calendars, Safari bookmarks, etc. Community Forum Software by IP.

How To Sync Ringtones (iTunes 12.7 / iOS 11)

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