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As we saw with the image of the bottles, the iPhone 5s kept more of the background in focus, which, in this case, is more of a personal preference. One of the toughest shots to take — with any type of camera — is a nighttime photo with little available light. Bracing both the iPhone 5s and Lumia against a railing, we took images of lower Manhattan at night. The iPhone's image, while much grainier than the Lumia's, was much more in focus.

Look at the water in the foreground. When you look at the full-size images, you can make out individual lights in buildings and waves better.

iPhone 5s vs. Nokia Lumia 1020: Camera Shootout

The lighting in the Lumia's image was more even, but we'll sacrifice graininess for focus any day. How well can a camera capture a cityscape during the day? When we zoomed in to percent, we could make out lines in the windows better. The Lumia also handled whites better.


We were able to see more detail and subtle color variations in the clouds. The Lumia's picture was slightly bluer, but far less grainier than the photo taken by the iPhone 5s. Selfies aside, a camera needs to be able to take good photos of people. We took a photo of a person sitting in a chair surrounded by pumpkins and other gourds, illuminated by natural light. The iPhone again bested the Lumia, producing a less washed-out image. One of the new features of the iPhone 5s is its dual-LED flash, which is supposed to better accommodate for different lighting conditions.

Likewise, the Lumia's xenon flash is much better than your standard smartphone flash.

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So, how do they compare? When we took a photo of a Grover doll indoors using the flash, the iPhone's flash proved superior, offering truer colors. Both the iPhone 5s and the Lumia are adept at taking photos in dim and low-light conditions. To test this capability, we first took an image of a flower at dusk.

The iPhone 5s' image, though somewhat grainy, showed much more detail in the surrounding leaves. Also, the flower in the iPhone's image was more accurate; there was a bluish cast to the Lumia 's photo. There is just no way they leave Honami out. Xperia Z was horrible but seeing as Honami will pack a bigger sensor, it'll be atleast as good as S4. S4 has the same sensor with better algorithm.. Im really sorry but its not worth it.. Ur right bro.. This is a paid article by samsung.

Lumia 925 vs iPhone 5 Camera Comparison (HD)

Lumia wins every comparison. Why in rhe world s4 is in d same league? Even camera is better then s4.

Another biased article frm phonearena. For them samsung and apple are the only innovative companes , Others just dont exist.. Biased scoring for sure. They must be brain dead to believe that anyone will believe that.

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And then they write that the is best in low light but still it gets the same low light score as the S Total grief. Xperia Z's camera is excellent. The most natural colors and crystal clear images. S4's images are fake.

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Although they might LOOK better, it's actually nowhere near realistic. PA's just 'Yeah. It's really horrible.

Apple iPhone 5S vs. Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera Comparison: Conclusion

Ah, those samsung stuff. No matter what give them at least 9. We will exclude Sony cause our rating will make us look horrible. We rated it 7 before, and people was angry. The guys here. No longer trustworthy. No not at all I can get way better phones from china for half that price that have better cpu, p screen, android, etc. Do those china phones get the google play store yet?

I had a Viewsonic tablet a few years ago when 2. Powerful and capable tablet spec-wise, but almost completely useless for what I needed. You can have the factory customize Jellybean 4. You can have every configuration you have because of Android being open source. Of course, you can't zoom with the iPhone 5s; the trick to getting closer to you subject is just that—you need to physically move closer to your subject.

Nokia Lumia Apple iPhone 5s. Low Light The iPhone 5s doesn't allow for manual control over ISO, and as such it's not possible to properly light our ColorChecker test chart and crank up the sensitivity to see just how well the camera does at the higher ISO settings it will default to in dim lighting. It shows very little image noise there, only 0. We were able to evenly light our chart and back up our studio lights to the point where the 5s defaulted to ISO ; that's a setting that is appropriate for moderately-lit interiors. It scored a very respectable 0.

We consider a photo to be a bit too noisy when it crosses the 1. Image detail does suffer at ISO ; which indicates that there's some noise reduction going on behind the scenes.

Apple iPhone 5S vs. Nokia Lumia Which Camera is Better? | CIO

That's 3. It shows a bit more noise than the 5s; about 1. But the shows better detail at that setting, and images at ISO are also quite impressive. By the time you hit ISO details start to noticeably smudge. The Best Autocorrect Fails. Senior digital camera analyst for the PCMag consumer electronics reviews team, Jim Fisher is a graduate of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he concentrated on documentary video production.

Jim's interest in photography really took off when he borrowed his father's Hasselblad C and light meter in He honed his writing skills at re See Full Bio. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.